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Tucepi, Croatia

Tucepi (population 1770) is located 4 km south-east of Makarska. Until the earthquake of 1962, the majority of its inhabitants were living in hamlets at the foot of the mountain Biokovo. Now a popular tourist destination thanks to its glorious coastline, its opportunities for sports and its excellent accommodation, the settlement of Tucepi was first settled four thousand years ago by the Illyrians.

Tucepi is one of the most beautiful and famous vacation places on the Adriatic, with numerous hotels and family houses which offer diversified accommodation. The modern settlement of Tucepi, situated in the south of the area, along the four kilometres of mild, cultivated pebbly shore, seeks its prosperity in tourism.

It is distinguished by the most beautiful and longest gravel beach of the Makarska Riviera, a pine wood, olive-groves, luxury hotels, beautiful houses and sports grounds. Rich in natural water springs (the name 'Tucepi' may come from Old Illyrian and mean 'village at the spring'), the area abounds with terraced gardens, vineyards and olive-groves. The coastal slopes are dotted with villages built in traditional Mediterranean style and the signs of an early habitation, such as the impressive tumuli - the burial mounds of prehistoric people. An ancient stone-built hill fort overlooks the village.

Beach in Tucepi, Croatia
Tucepi's white pebble beaches are edged by pine and olive trees and enjoy a mild climate, due in part to the shelter provided by Mt Biokovo. Local specialities are on offer both in large, comfortable restaurants, and in the picturesque little family-run konobas.

Outside of the main hotels, nightlife tends to be sedentary long conversations over a drink or a coffee rather than wild dancing. But as with shopping, all the nightlife most people can cope with is just 4km down the road in Makarska. High-quality service in luxury hotels and in private apartments guarantee a holiday you will never forget.

The settlement of Tucepi is daily connected by buses to Split, Makarska and Dubrovnik. Excursions to such important historical and cultural centres will enrich your stay.

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